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Pricing Guide

This guide covers the most common services requested by our clients. If your project requires a different type and number of visuals please contact us and we will gladly find a way to work together.

We provide static fixed-position eye-level and aerial shots, including photomontages, as well as 360 VR images.
Pricing for these is as follows:

For the first 3 static images : £1000 per image including postproduction
For subsequent static images: £750 per image including postproduction

Additionally, Inimus can provide flythrough and fixed-position time-lapse animations.
Pricing for these is as follows:

Full HD (1920x1080) animations:

£4000 per 20 seconds including postproduction
£7000 per 40 seconds including postproduction
£9000 per minute including postproduction

We can work with 3D models provided by the client, potentially adding detail, or build them from scratch. We are confident we can handle any data format used in the industry.

The time commonly spent to complete a set of finished images for an agreed upon design is two weeks. Developing animations will add a variable amount of time based on the complexity of the project.

To accommodate for any design options and provide a good level of feedback all visuals come with three rounds of comments included.

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